Bioidentical Hormone Therapy


What are hormones?

Hormones are powerful chemical messengers within the body that regulate its day to day functions. These include mental and physical well-being, sleep patterns and sex drive.

Naturally, as we age our hormone levels decrease. This results in unwanted symptoms that can lead to reduced quality of life and accelerate the aging process. Bioidentical hormone treatment aims to replace these depleted hormones and restore the body to its optimum function.

Symptoms of hormonal deficiencies may be found below. 

We here at dermaglow clinic work in conjunction with Bio-ID Hormones, founded and run by Dr. Martin Kinsella. Dually qualified doctor and dentist Dr Kinsella has recently been invited to become one of the elite resident doctors in Harrods London treating celebrity patients. Dr Kinsella has run international training courses teaching doctors and nurses in Turkey, Italy and Cyprus but now only has time for his own patients and practices, which he has successfully run for 11 years. Dr Kinsella is passionate about the possibilities of Bio Identical hormones to improve the quality of lives for men and women. He has recently established his own state of the art blood testing facility where he develops bespoke Bio Identical hormones to prescribe to patients across the country. His expertise and passion for aesthetic medicine has led him to develop innovative treatments with outstanding results making him one of the most sought after doctors in this industry.

More information on Bio-ID Hormones can be found here.


Symptoms of hormonal deficiency in women

Menopausal symptoms (hot flushes, night sweats, dryness etc), low energy/fatigue, reduced sexdrive, weight gain, poor concentration, lack of sleep, irritability and depression and diseases associated with ageing.

Symptoms of hormonal deficiency in men

Low energy/fatigue, reduced sex drive, impotence, loss of muscle mass, poor concentration, lack of sleep, low mood and diseases associated with ageing.

Potential treatments

Through a combination of gels, capsules or lozenges we are able to replace testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone, DHEA and thyroid hormones. By testing your blood levels we are able to determine your hormone levels and provide a bespoke treatment plan to suit your needs. Our on-site Compounding Pharmacy consists of a team of highly-trained superintendent pharmacists resulting in timely dispensing, quality training and product assurance.

Benefits for men 

Improves energy levels, improves muscle mass and strength, improves fat loss and muscle tone, improves sexual drive and performance, improves memory and concentration, improves sleep, hair regrowth on scalp, decreases joint pain and muscle aches, improves bone strength and protects against heart disease. 

Benefits for women 

Eliminates night sweats and hot flashes, prevents vaginal thinning and dryness, improves energy levels, improves fat loss and muscle tone, improves sex drive, improves mood, improves memory and concentration, decreases skin wrinkles, protects bones from osteoporosis and reduces risks of heart disease. 

What happens when I visit the clinic? 

After a consultation with the doctor, your blood will be tested. By testing your blood levels we can determine your hormone levels. 

Your treatment options will then be discussed with you and you will be provided with a bespoke treatment plan to suit your needs.